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Q: What is a SUBSIZE?

A: A subsize refers to the length of the arms on a shirt OR to the length on the inseam (legs) of a pair of Jeans, Slacks, or Pants.

For example a pair of Levi's that are 38 X 34 would be 38=waist and 34=inseam. A dress shirt that is a size 17.5 34/35 would be a 17.5=Neck and 34/35=sleeve length.

The majority of dress slacks will not have a subsize offered as they are open bottomed or not hemmed so that the length may be finished to your individual needs. 

We do offer free tailoring of length only on open bottom slacks and pants. However, items are NOT returnable once they have been altered.

If you have any questions, please call us toll-free at 888.761.8255 or locally at 303.761.6000 (Colorado).